10 Benefits of Being a Cat Owner

10 Benefits of Being a Cat Owner 

Why do you own a cat? Simple, because you love cats. But here are some more reasons why you should own a cat. You know basic benefits of being a cat owner like they make you happy and stuff like that. But there are some more reasons, few of which are backed up by science as well. Know the benefits of being a cat owner, be proud and thank us later. 

  1. A 24X7 Friend

Cats are amazing companions. They won’t leave us even if we want to, though we will never want to. What we mean is your cat is your furrever friend. When you are happy it will reflect on your cats too. And on gloomy days, they’ll snuggle up and won’t you feel lonely. Some cats are the chill buddies who accompany you to binge watch your fav shows while some will follow to the workplaces. Ain’t they purrfect companions? 

  1. Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Well. not only cats but any pet will keep your heart healthy. But more than dogs, cats easily reduce your stress level, anxiety and have a calming effect on you. Even a study revealed that cat owners have 30% less chances to die of heart attacks or stroke. The reason could purely be that the cat owners are more relaxed and stress free compared to non cat owners. 

  1. Healing power of your cat’s Purr

A feline's Purr frequency is by and large 26 Hertz. This recurrence relates with the recurrence that researchers use in vibrational treatments to advance tissue regeneration. But it's not just with regards to mending bones, the recuperating force of felines can work in various mystical ways. It can control your pressure, diminish the side effects of dyspnoea in humans and cats.

  1. Close to Cats = Away from Allergies

If you are a new parent then there's good news for you. Your baby is less likely to get pet allergies if you have a cat at your home. A study published in Clinical & Experimental Allergy in 2011 revealed kids who grow with the cat in their vicinity at the first year of their age had a reduced risk of allergies to cats later on. In fact they also prevent sensitivities to other allergens like ragweed, grass and dust mites. 

So, being a new parent, if you were in doubt then you might be happy now. And your infant will have a cute lil friend to play and have fun. 

  1. Pest Control

This is a little perk but of course it counts. Cats hunt on flies, mice, gophers,rats and other unwanted rodents. They are great at controlling these pests. 

  1. Assures good Health

You might be wondering how does any cat assure good health? As we have already mentioned it reduces risk of heart attack and prevents allergies. They help keep stress, anxiety at bay. It is because they simply make you feel better when you are feeling low. They can instantly turn your mood and can calm you down. And they heal your body through their Purr.In short, they are good for your mental as well as physical health. So, tell us, isn’t it better to keep a cute cat than a medicine crate? If you are still thinking of owning a cat then you might consider these health perks for the last nudge you need. 

  1. Unstoppable Alarm Clock

You might be wondering why your cat wakes you up at the same time everyday? Cats are great at training us. They ‘ll most likely wake you up early as it may have happened at least once before. They keep on doing so as they need attention or food just like before. Cats do both the things- Helps you catch some good sleep while also waking you up on time. Though for some it might be an issue, we say it’s a blessing in disguise.

  1. Learn to be patient

Being a cat owner is no less than being a parent. You have to be patient enough to handle your lil one's tantrums sometimes? You have to feed them on time and keep a check if they aren’t littering here and there. This is a cost you have to pay to learn the virtue of being patient which obviously doesn’t come easy. 

  1. They tell about a Cat person’s personality

Whichever pet you own, it says something about your personality. About cat owners, it is found that they are calm and introverts. They have their own interests and they won't mind if anyone gets it or not. They keep on exploring and learning to expand their horizon in terms of knowledge. The cat owner's personality also reveals that they are more trustworthy and less manipulative. 

 10. There are countless benefits of having a selfless, loving cat with you. 

You have a bond of mutual love, trust and respect. They don't expect from you like humans and that ensures a long lasting pure relationship. And if you are single, they will never ever make you feel lonely. They ‘ll always have an ear for you without a fear of being judged. They doesn’t only heal your mind and body but also your soul. Treasure this unspoken priceless bond furrever!

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