How to find a lost cat- "Myth 2"

Have you ever lost your cat due to carelessness? When a beloved cat goes missing, some people will post lost cat signs, while others will launch a human search party. If the search goes on for a long time with no results, people may start to believe in all sorts of strange "remedies."

In recent years, the "scissors search method" has become popular online. Have you heard of it? Many netizens in Taiwan and mainland China have claimed that by forming a "scissors formation," they were able to find their lost cats. Do you believe it?

Traditionally in Asian culture, if a loved one dies at sea and their body is not found, family members will choose the folk method of "throwing a watermelon to find the body." Believe it or not, many people have found their loved one's body using this method. In the world of cat lovers, a similar "scissors search method" has been circulating in recent years. If a cat goes missing and the search goes on for a long time with no news, one can try setting up a "scissors formation" at home.

According to the urban legend, if the cat owner and their cat have a strong emotional bond, the "magnetic field effect" of the scissors formation will come into the play and the cat will return home.

Many cat lovers have shared their joy of successfully finding their lost cats using this method on the internet. Some netizens have even created illustrated tutorials of the scissors search method to help others understand and set up the formation at home.

The scissors search method is not a joke. The ritual set up process is very serious, such as the bowl used must be made of porcelain and the scissors must be made of iron. However, the reason behind these requirements is unknown. Many netizens have shared their successful experiences with this cat search method. Although it seems to lack scientific evidence, cat owners can judge for themselves whether it works or not.

However, regardless of whether the scissors search method is effective or not, it is only a "last" solution. The best approach is to take preventative measures to avoid losing your beloved cat, such as installing a cat fence/net and taking good care of them. It is also recommended to implant a microchip in your cat. By doing these things, you'll be more effective in preventing your cat from going missing than any other methods.





Photos: Wechat @xiaomao1007