Why cat follows me everywhere?

Why cat follows me everywhere?

Are you a cat lover and living with cats for a long time? If you are, you may notice that sometimes or most of the time, your cat follows you to the bathroom unless they're otherwise occupied (probably sleeping or hunting), cats will follow people to the bathroom.

According to Veterinarian Dr. Kathryn Primm, one of the reasons is that your cat might suddenly feel helpless and sensitive to attack from an unknown predator without you in their sight. Another reason is simply out of interest and curiosity. Cats are known for being curious and territorials animals.

The bathroom has an aura that makes it even more curious to your cat. According to your cats, you do interesting stuff with fun objects in the bathroom: The water from the shower or the sink, the elastic hair ties, the mirror, the toilet flush sounds, etc. Then, it is usually a room in which you spend time alone behind a closed door. As we said, cats are curious animals, and anything done behind a closed door is very interesting to them. Passing through the door before you have a chance of closing it is a great and amusing challenge for all cats. This is the reason why cats also like getting into opened drawers, cupboards, or cabinets.And, cats love to spend some alone time with their owners, especially when their owners keep on doing amusing things. Your time in the bathroom might be considered as a high-value one-on-one time by your cat.

So, what can you do? Enjoy it more the time alone with your cat in the bathroom, looking and yawning at you. And that is what cat parents are all about.