Cat Dynasty Costume

Light Green

She's cute, kawaii and a total kitten!

We're talking about your actual kitten rocking this super adorable Cat Dynasty Costume! Made accurately and with utmost care and sophistication with a hundred percent premium materials that is guaranteed to be high quality and durable making this Cat Han Dynasty Costume perfect for multiple use. Looking for the perfect costume for your fur buddy's themed party or photo shoot? Look no further as this Cat Han Dynasty Costume is the perfect peg to go for! It is unique and will definitely make your little fur buddy stand out.

Since this Cat Dynasty Costume is made out of a hundred percent premium fabric, then it is guaranteed to give a snug and comfy fit for your fur buddy so then can rock it in comfort and without a hunch even all day long! Comes in a range of color and size selections as well so you can pick out the perfect one that suits your pet the best! 

Size Info:

Size (cm) Chest Neck Back Length
XS 33 20 19
S 37 24 25
M 43 28 30
L 50 32 35
XL 58 36 38


Size (in) Chest Neck Back Length
XS 12.99 7.87 7.48
S 14.57 9.45 9.84
M 16.93 11.02 11.81
L 19.69 12.6 13.78
XL 22.83 14.17 14.96


Product Info:

  • Material: Polyester

Customers Photo:

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