Cat Cute Reindeer Sweater

Blue Cow
Blue Heart
Blue Panda
Gray Deer
Gray Striped
Gray Rabbit
Pink Rabbit
Pink Pig
Red Deer
Red Dog
Red Heart
Red Stripe
Red Strawberry

Keep it snug and cute all in one for your little fur ball and get your hands on this cute Cat Cute Reindeer Sweater.

Made with a perfect mix of cotton and polyester, this Cat Cute Reindeer Sweater is a knitwear that has a specially smooth and soft texture unlike most knitwear that are prickly and uncomfortable making this Cat Cute Reindeer Sweater give the snuggest fit for your pet. It even comes in a range of color, design and size variations to choose from so you can pick out the perfect one that suits your feline buddy the best.

Featuring a unique pullover design that is a total hoot for the eyes and a hoot for your feline buddy's comfort, the Cat Cute Reindeer Sweater provides an extra layer of warmth for your pet keeping them snug, toasty and fashionable all in one for the cold and chilly days.

Product Info:

  • Material: FIBER

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