About us

About Us 

Hi! Welcome to Loli the cat! Here to provide an exciting new way for you to shop for all of your cat-related desire.

Why this is formed?

Back in 2003, when I was living with my boyfriend (now my ex), we found an abandoned cat locked in a dark room. To our astonishment, her ex-owner had locked her there and provided nothing but food. Loli was weak and needed help. So, we both decided to adopt her. Loli was a great companion. She’d often save me by savoring the mouse in my apartment (who likes a mouse in the apartment?!). Things took a turn for worse when I and my boyfriend split up after 6 years. I decided to move back to my family but couldn’t stop thinking about Loli’s future. My ex promised to take care of Loli. After giving this a thought, I decided to leave Loli behind as my ex had better living condition for her. But this turned out to be another false promise.

Months later he found a new partner and together they abandoned Loli behind my back! I tried my level best to contact the shelter but never heard back from them. I couldn’t imagine how traumatizing it must’ve been for Loli being abandoned twice. I felt so guilty for leaving her behind (And I still regret this). As a small attempt to make up for this big loss and keep her memory alive, I decided to start a store with an aim to make a difference and help abandoned animals. I believe that by working together, me and you can build happier, healthier communities for all animals. 

Find your next piece of cute and know that 10% of the profits of each sale is donated to an animal charity.